Luton Hoo Residency – June

Luton Hoo Walled Garden

Here is my patch of the garden; the ground has been rock solid due to its clay consistency and lack of rain. Hopefully due to the recent weather it might now be a lot easier to dig…

I have been struggling to collect weeds and research the plants that might grow within the garden naturally as I seem to be working against the gardeners. The edges of the garden have all been sprayed with weed killer and they are very good at keeping the garden free from plants they don’t want.

However I have collected a number of species and photographed many more, I may investigate the surrounding area to see what plants do enjoy the soil conditions of this area.

In my research I have discovered that dandelions are being grown to harvest the latex from the sap. It has been found that people who are usually allergic to latex are not to this. I have ordered some wild plant seeds including dandlion and will plant them soon.

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