Luton Hoo Walled Garden Exhibition

The artist in residence program is almost finished and there will be an exhibition of the work made over the last 5 months next weekend and the weekend. The 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th  of September. You can also visit the garden in the week by appointment.

My map of the plants found growing wild in the garden that have been used throughout history and today for medicinal purposes is finally complete. And I’m hoping to also have some examples of these plants in a different green house.

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New Drawing – Sydenham Wood

Sydenham Hill

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Self Heal – Prunella vulgaris – L.

Prunella vulgaris - LSaturday was spent plotting the locations of different plants around the garden. For very common plants I have tried to highlight areas of high concentrations of that plant. I found several interesting medicinal plants I hadn’t seen before including St Johns Wort and Self Heal (below). This tiny plant found growing up through the grass has as its name suggests a long history of medicinal use and has antibacterial properties. These uses include wounds, ulcers and sores. Its has also been used internally for diarrhoea, internal bleeding. A soothing  and refreshing tea can be made from the leaves.

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Luton Hoo Residency – June

Luton Hoo Walled Garden

Here is my patch of the garden; the ground has been rock solid due to its clay consistency and lack of rain. Hopefully due to the recent weather it might now be a lot easier to dig…

I have been struggling to collect weeds and research the plants that might grow within the garden naturally as I seem to be working against the gardeners. The edges of the garden have all been sprayed with weed killer and they are very good at keeping the garden free from plants they don’t want.

However I have collected a number of species and photographed many more, I may investigate the surrounding area to see what plants do enjoy the soil conditions of this area.

In my research I have discovered that dandelions are being grown to harvest the latex from the sap. It has been found that people who are usually allergic to latex are not to this. I have ordered some wild plant seeds including dandlion and will plant them soon.

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Luton Hoo Residency

Green House at Luton Hoo

In this project I am going to look at the native plants growing in and around Luton Hoo Walled garden and research those that have been used historically in medicine and folk remedies. I have been given my own patch of garden to grow and nurture some of these plants and have started to research the history and very varied uses they have been put too. Here is an example of the information I have discovered about the Dandelion plants and particularly intersted in the many folk names plants have and how these often elude to there traditional uses.



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Market Post – Post Artists

Market Post – Post Artists
Post artists is a an artist group that I am part of and we have recently taken on a Market Stall in Tooting Market South London, We will be using it as an art/project space/studio/tea shop.

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This month I will be taking part in ‘Time After’ a group exhibition curated by Sabina Salamon and Emanuella Santini at Kortal Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia.
From 11th May 2011 – 22 May 20011

Luton Hoo Walled Garden – From 2nd of April I will be one of the artists in residence at Luton Hoo walled Garden

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Stoke Town Growers

Stoke Town Growers Meeting – Tue 5th April, Stoke on Trent

Stoke Town Growers is a group is a group of people who came together as a result of my residency at SHOP ‘Proposal for an Urban Farm in Stoke on Trent’
The group are making plans around the ideas of sustainability, grow your own, education about food, creative space in Stoke on Trent and regeneration of areas of the city.

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